“Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.” 

Donovan Bailey, Olympic Athlete


Have you ever wanted to be the big fish in a little pond?

In business school we used that imagery to refer to a situation where you are in a crowded market. The technique to stand out in that situation is to focus on a niche market where you provide much needed services that very few entrepreneurs are offering.

If you are a current mompreneur, there’s a 99% chance that you are actively marketing in Facebook. That being the case, I am sure you have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs in Facebook livestreaming, sending out Facebook ads, posting in the various Facebook groups, and business pages. There’s so much going on that you may be tempted to jump off the Facebook merry go round. But you don’t because chances are your ideal customers are in Facebook. So how do you engage with them.

Become a big fish in a little pond.

Even if you are a mom who does not have your home-business yet, you can get a head start by creating a business account and showing up regularly in  your Facebook business page and/or group and provide helpful tips and advice related to your business that will help your ideal customers.

There are two ways  you can be the big fish in the little pond

Number 1: Focus on providing services in an area that’s in your Zone of Genius that no one or very few people are providing. Examples include: simple yoga techniques for the online entrepreneurs, using breathing techniques to deliver engaging Livestreams, tools for identifying your zone of genius and standing out from the crow

Number 2: Focus on serving a specialized niche.  Instead of a wide market. For example, instead of having moms who want to work from home as your target market, focus on a smaller niche – moms with babies and toddlers who want to start a home business


When you focus on a specialized area or a specific niche, then it’s less challenging to stand out among the other entrepreneurs in Facebook.

Although you now have a narrower focus, there’s still more work to do.  If you are building or growing your mompreneur business organically, there are 3 essential strategies you need to follow:


  • Consistently  produce engaging Facebook livestreaming videos
  • Create an engaging Facebook community via Facebook groups
  • Participate in the Facebook groups where your ideal clients tend to hang out in

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