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Summer is here! Kids are out of school. You love your kids and want to spend quality time with them. At the same time you have a big responsibility: running your business!

So how are you going to do that?

Your kids do not have to suffer. Neither does your business.

What’s the easiest thing to do? Stick your kids in front of a TV or tablet for 8 hours while you work on your business. Not a good idea!

There’s all kinds of opportunities fun for you and your kids to have fun during the summer.

Running Your Business #1: Make Memories

Just because you have a big responsibility running your business, does not mean you have to spend the entire summer hearing your kids whine, “I am bored. There’s nothing to do!!!”

Take the time to make memories. Soon they will become teenagers with their laundry list of summer activities that  for the most part will not include you.  So make time to do fun activities with your kids. Get out of the home and go to a water park for example. You could even start a garden in your back yard, or participate with your kids in your local community garden.

As you engage in doing fun things with your children, be sure to preserve your memories by taking tons of pictures, even taking goofy selfies.

Running Your Business #2: Split Your Time Evenly 

To spend quality time with your kids, you need to structure your day in such a way that it’s evenly divided between work and your kids. Set aside designated hours to spend with your kids either doing a variety of activities from home like games or arts and crafts, or doing things outside the home like bowling, miniature golf, swimming, the movies etc.

You are also going to designate a block of 3 to 4 hours to focus on working on your business.  Be sure to clearly communicate your work hours to your family. Make sure that your kids and your spouse know that they are not to interrupt you during your work hours unless there’s a life threatening emergency.


Running Your Business #3 Other Recommendations

I have prepared a checklist outlining  5 Tips that will ensure that summer with your kids plus running your business goes smoothly. Click here to access your checklist.

Finally, remember your kids do not have stick your kids in front of the television in order to work productively on your business.

What other tips do you have for keeping the kids occupied while you work on your business? Please comment below and share your recommendations.

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