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Moms Raising Businesses & Children is an online membership hub with the mission of  providing practical, easy to implement resources for moms  around the world who want to make their dream lifestyle a reality via running a successful and profitable home-business. Each mom has a unique dream lifestyle. For some moms it’s simply to have financial freedom that pays the bills and provides a flexible work schedule that frees up time to spend with her pre-school and school age children. For other moms it’s financial freedom, flexible work schedule, extra quality time with her children plus the ability to purchase their dream home, take that dream vacation, provide their children with everything they need, create college funds for her kids, build up a multi-million dollar retirement fund, and anything else that’s on her heart.

We believe that every single mom has the ability to achieve anything she sets her mind to. Life is too short to waste the opportunity to make it happen.

However, the entrepreneurial journey by itself is challenging. When you add the responsibility of taking care of kids, the household chores, etc. starting and growth a business is doubly challenging.

Hence, my goal is to reduce the challenges through providing resources that enable moms to run a business that’s focused on serving the right clients with customized products or services to ensure a steady stream of revenue. Most important of all, this membership site provides all the resources necessary to convert an idea into a viable and profitable business, with tips for realistically balancing taking care of children with running a business.

Through joining Moms Raising Businesses & Children, you’ll receive the resources you need to build your business without neglecting your children’s needs!

The price for membership is $20.00 per Month.

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