When I had my baby, I knew I wanted to stay at home with her. To kiss that precious face. To change her diapers. To make funny faces and hear the baby gurgles that makes a mom’s heart skip a beat or two. I also knew that I had to work from home.

I wanted to do something meaningful that I felt passionate about. I did not want to march to the beat of someone else’s schedule. I wanted to be my own boss, to dictate my home and work schedule. I knew I had to be an entrepreneur, something I never ever contemplated in my entire career.

Now I am proud to say that I am an entrepreneur – the creator of Aspiring Mompreneur which not only includes creating workshops e-courses, and workbooks, but also coaching and consulting services to help moms find the perfect work at home option for her whether working for an employer or as an entrepreneur.

So how did my journey toward becoming a mompreneur or mom entrepreneur begin?


Ever since I was 14, I wanted to have children. As soon as I finished my High School at a boarding school in England, I knew I wanted to have an adventurous life with a fulfilling career. I did have my first big adventure at age 21 – sky diving. From sky-diving, I dove right into an abusive marriage, and a messy divorce. Long story short, a few years later I unexpectedly met the man of my dreams while I was pursuing my evening MBA from one of the top 20 business schools in the U.S. I felt that I held the world in the palm of my hands. My then boyfriend proposed to me on my birthday. I felt on top of the world.

The same year I obtained my MBA, I got a job offer from IBM. I thought I was all set with positioning myself to work at home at one of the top Global 500 companies and then my husband and I could build our family.

Then in 2008 I was laid off. I was so devastated and relieved at the same time. Despite the recession, I networking intensely to find a work at home job. A year later, my husband and I moved to Dallas. He found a technology and library job at one of the high schools in Dallas, and I started work as a Marketing & Business Development Independent Contractor.

In 2010 my heart was broken after a failed IVF. A year later I was on round two with my heart set on having twins. Didn’t know how I was going to juggle taking care of twins and working as an Independent Contractor, but I had faith it would work out.

Unfortunately, the 2 embryos did not implant, and again we were heartbroken. But we had one frozen embryo so a few months later, we transferred the one I affectionately called “our frozen child.” A week later, not heeding the advice of the infertility clinic nurses, I took a pregnancy test. Lo and behold it was positive!

During my pregnancy, I remember feeling that I was fulfilling the ultimate purpose of creating life inside me. I focused on self-care – eating and drinking the right things, and exercising. Then on July 19, 2012, my husband I I became proud parents. We had our dream baby. I was in 7th heaven!

Like a lot of moms, after my recovery, I had to make a crucial decision. Do I go back to the workforce or do I stay home with my baby? I opted for staying at home with my baby, but I still needed to generate income. I was at a loss as to how to find work at home opportunities. I decided that with the Internet there has got to be a way to find work at home gigs. I used my research skills, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are lots of legitimate ways to work from home.

From all the research that I did as a new mom in 2012, I surmised that there are three key options for moms to work at home – work at home for an employer, work at home as an Independent Contractor, or work at home as an entrepreneur.

Before Exploring Your Options Assess Your Skills & Passions

If you are interested in working from home, one of the first steps you want to take is to do an assessment of the things you feel passionate about, and all the skills that you possess. This will help you to identify the perfect work at home option that leverages your skills and passions. When working at home, you want to do something you find fulfilling and not just settle for anything.

As a result of evaluating what I feel passionate about in 2014, I realized that I wanted to launch a business to help moms find the right work at home oppotunity. That is how Aspiring Mompreneur began. So, if you could use some help getting started working at home, feel free to book a free 30 minute session with me.