You desire the freedom of being your own boss, spending tons of quality time with your little ones, and never missing out on the most important events in your child’s life.

You also want financial security, knowing that if unexpected emergencies occur you are covered. Plus, you want the freedom of being able to take family vacations without worrying about money. What would it mean to your life if you had a business that brought in $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

In your ideal work-at-home world, you are awesome at balancing work with taking care of your little ones., and feel that you are giving both your 110%.


But right now you feel broke as your family struggles living paycheck to paycheck. You wonder how on earth are you going to come up with the extra money just to cover basic living expenses, including buying new clothes for your children. You are tired of facing the ultimate dilemma – should I stay at home to be with my kids, or suck it up and return to work in order to pay bills and stay financially ahead.

Or you have been dreaming of starting your business for a long time but you are scared to move forward in case it should fail, and you are back to square one of settling for any job that comes your way.


Or you work outside the home, but a huge chunk of your paycheck goes toward daycare.  After all bills are paid you hardly have anything extra left over. You would rather work from home because you are tired of “missing out” as your little ones grow up very fast with the blink of an eye.  Plus, not having to pay for daycare will free up extra cash.

Or perhaps you are a single mother who is tired of working hard at jobs that barely pay the bills, leaving you without a safety net.

You might even wonder are the only available work at home opportunities phone, sales, and direct marketing pushing products that no one needs?

My name is Irene Rivkah Krasnoff. I have a lovely 4-year-old daughter who keeps me on my toes!  Because having her took a long time, I was determined to work successfully at home. I started out with $10 to $20 per hour projects. Through providing stellar work quality, I was able to earn $30 to $40/ hour working part-time.  Because I was so successful working from home, I decided to start my own business to help moms to start their very home-based businesses.

I offer coaching and consulting services to moms who want to create home-based businesses so that they can provide a better life for themselves and their families.

These moms long for the ultimate freedom to work on their own terms making the money that they want plus having a flexible work schedule so that they can be a part of the most important moment of their children’s lives – school programs, soccer matches and for moms with babies, they want to be present during the first time their baby crawls.

From the research that I did via various Facebook groups, I learned that there are moms who ended up being out of a job and they were having a hard time finding a new job so they decided to focus on doing what they loved in the form of  starting a business. Other moms have no desire to work for someone else. They would rather be CEO’s of their own businesses plus raise their children.

Other moms were simply tired of being away from their children for 50 to 60 hours per week. They didn’t like the feeling of being part-time parents.

Products/Services that Aspiring Mompreneur offers include:

  • One-on-one and group consulting sessions including workshops to help moms take a business idea from concept to reality. We explore whether there’s a market for their business. I teach moms about how to conduct free market research to learn about their ideal customers. We talk about creating customized products, sales and marketing strategies and balancing running a business with taking care of a family
  • A variety of business related digital products
  • E-courses and webinars related to starting, running, and growing a business

My track record of successfully building my own home business plus 15+ years’ experience in business consulting and strategy makes me uniquely qualified to serve as a business strategist and coach for moms who want to build home businesses.

All of this may sound too good to be true! Let me assure you it’s not.