Do you wish your Facebook engagement was such that more people would interact with your posts and livestreams?

With the advent of new Facebook algorithms that makes it harder to get your content seen, you need innovative ways to get your posts seen by as many of your Facebook fans and followers as possible.

The more likes, comments, and shares you have on your page or Facebook group posts, the more likely a larger number of your Facebook business page fans, followers, and group members will see your content.

In this article, you’ll discover ways to increase Facebook engagement on your business page posts, livestreams.  The same principles can also be applied to drive engagement within your Facebook groups.

1. Increase Facebook Engagement By Creating Valuable & Share Worthy Content

Create content that resonates with your ideal customers/clients and compels them to comment, like and share.  Your content needs to be unique, thought provoking, and entertaining. It should be the type of content that makes a person feel good to share to their friends.

Leverage holidays and trending topics to create content that drives engagement. Here’s an example of a Facebook post that leveraged this year’s holiday season to highlight the mission to find a Black Santa hidden at Macy’s. Notice the number of comments, likes, and shares. Not only is this video content which Facebook favors. It also highlights how rare it is to have an African American Santa. Plus this content is timely because it was posted a few days before Christmas,

2. Post Different Types of Content

To increase the likelihood of your content getting noticed share different types of content. For instance, use a mix of video, written posts with an image, short posts, long posts, best practices posts, inspiration posts, quotes, etc. Test different types of posts and see which ones get the most engagement. Rinse and repeat the posts that received the highest engagement levels.

3. Experiment Posting at Different Times

Schedule your Facebook business page and Facebook group posts at different times of the day and night to see when most of the engagement occurs. Scheduling posts early AM for example will enable you to capture an international audience. If your target market is moms for example, try posting in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and late night and see when moms engagement. To get your posts viewed by a wider audience, schedule your posts around a time when most of your ideal audience is on Facebook.

4. Drive Facebook Engagement By Posting Frequently

The more you post a variety of content, the greater the likelihood that Facebook will show your content to a larger number of your fans and followers. Try posting as many as 3 to 5 posts in your business page. Engagement daily in your Facebook group if you have one. Make sure that the content inspires your readers. Try not to inundate your ideal customers or clients with too much content.

5. Increase Your Facebook Engagement By Frequently Livestreaming

Since Facebook favors video, livestream a minimum of 2 to 3 times per week in your Facebook business page. Starting out you will get crickets or a handful of viewers. Even with 6 views you can still make sales. All it takes is 2 people to buy.  To increase views, consider creating an event a few days ahead of your scheduled livestream. Email your subscribers to create excitement. You can also share your Facebook livestreams on other social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest by clicking the timestamp of your Facebook post to get the permalink. Then use a URL shortener (like Bitly) to create a link that you can share via Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc,

Facebook Engagement Baiting

In the Facebook livestream video below , I talk about Facebook clamping down on Facebook engagement baiting besides covering the 5 tips for improving Facebook engagement and reach that’s covered in this blog post.

5 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Engagement

5 Tips For Improving Your Facebook Engagement

Posted by Boost Your Business on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Visibility & Profitability

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Bonus Tip

Share your Facebook business page posts via other social media platforms to drive engagement. Be sure to have a call to action on every Facebook post. For example, you can encourage people to share if they found the content helpful. Invite them to join your Facebook group if you have one. Ask for your reader’s feedback. You can also ask questions to drive engagement.

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