“Goals are implementation plans for making your dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to dream big and take action.” 

Do you dream of creating your highly profitable home based business so that you can live the perfect life with your family?

Your perfect life could be financial freedom and total autonomy over what you do to earn money, including the freedom to set your schedule around your children.

Follow these 10 easy tips for moms, and you’ll be well on your way toward building your dream home based business empire.  If you spend 15 to 30 minutes each day focused on your home based business, within a year you could be a business owner, or Mommy CEO.

Home Based Business Tip #1: Come up with best business ideas

If you have a business idea that you could make money with, you have already completed the most difficult task toward building your dream home based business.

If not, no worries. There are ways to creatively brainstorm your way into coming up with winning business ideas.

Start by asking your friends and family members what they think you’re good at. What do people typically come to you for help with? This is a pretty strong clue that what people turn to you for help with or advise on is your special talent that you can turn into a business.

Do you frequently get compliments about your arts and crafts? For example, if random people come up to you and ask “where did you purchase that gorgeous scarf?” it’s a pretty strong clue, that you should open your very own hand-made scarf home based business.

Need help coming up with business idea? Check out my free guide for finding your passion. You’ll gain amazing clarity.

Home Based Business Tip #2: Verify or Test Your Business Ideas

Google Search: Run a Google search using key words related to your business idea to gain insights into the level of interest in the products/ services you plan to create. See what forums come up. Check out websites of businesses similar to yours to see what they are offering, and how they sell and promote.

Visit Quora.com and reddit.com to see what questions people are asking. Note what discussions are taking place, and people’s comments. Feel free to respond to any questions and add your comments.

Write down the information you glean from your Google searches which you’ll use to create or refine your products/services.

Social Media: Facebook groups, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are great places for observing which posts, tweets, pins, or images related to your business idea resonate with the people who are your potential customers/clients.  In Facebook groups where your ideal customers hang out in, observe what conversations are taking place. What type of content resonants with members of these groups? What images do they like? What posts do they tend to comment on? What questions are they asking?

For additional information on how to validate your business idea, click here.

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Home Based Business Tip #3: Create customized products/services

Go back to your market research and review the information you gathered. What problems or challenges did your ideal customers/clients express in the Facebook groups? What types of pins and tweets related to their problems resonated with your ideal customers? What questions did people have? What products/services are businesses similar to yours offering? Use all of this information to create your customized products/services. Make sure that your products/services include features that will solve your ideal customer’s problems/challenges. Get crystal clear on what benefits your products/services offer.

Home Based Business Tip #4: Beta test your new product/service

Beta test your new product or service with a small sample of your ideal customers/clients. Reach out in social media and ask your fans/followers if they would be interested in testing your products or services. You can either do this for free or charge a low fee. Check out this guide for details on how to beta test your product or service.


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Home Based Business Tip #5: Market Your Products/Services

You have two options: traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing: This is a broad form of marketing which includes ad space in print media, television, direct mail, and telephone. Most likely you will not go this route due to the expenses and the logistics of getting into print media and TV ads.

Digital Marketing: This includes every aspect of online marketing to connect with current and future customers: Google searches, social media, email marketing, and websites. Whether your business is online or offline, most likely you will end up using all 4 methods to market your products and services.  Majority of your efforts will focus on social media and email marketing.

The purpose of digital marketing is to attract traffic to your websites, sales landing pages, and social media so that your ideal customers will connect with you and your home based business. You want your ideal customers to get to know you and your business. The best way to do this is to provide content that helps your ideal customers to solve a problem, that’s entertaining, and that provides food for thought and quick tips. Once they get to know you, they will most likely be inclined to opt-in to your free content so that you can build your email list and cultivate relationships with your ideal customers.  Then they will be more likely to purchase from you.

Check out this guide for details on how to market your product or service.

Home-Based Business Tip #6: Promote Your Products/Services

Promote and sell your products and services via social media and email-marketing. This works for both tangible and digital products, along with services like consulting and coaching.

If you have a product or service that is ready to sell, begin the promotion process at least a month ahead of time. If you were consistently active in social media, by now a lot of your ideal customers will know your brand and who you are.

Blogging: During the month-long promotion period, if you have a business-related blog, be sure to post regularly with links to your offer, and pin your images in Pinterest.

Social Media Ads: Use Facebook ads as the primary vehicle to promote your products and services. Facebook ads have features that allow you to target your ads toward the right demographic profile of your ideal customers.

Webinars: Webinars are an excellent portal for selling your products or services. In your webinar, you will provide tips, the basic framework, or system, and other free information related to the product or service you’re selling via the webinar after presenting your free information.

Email Marketing: Make sure that you email your subscribers at least once per week if you are not in the middle of promoting your products and services.  A month prior to promoting your products and services, create a sense of anticipation by announcing your upcoming product release. Once your product is released, email your subscribers with valuable information related to your product/service and then invite your subscribers to purchase your product/service for the full solution.

Offline Promotion:  Attend local business meetings and networking events which you can find via Meetup.  Try to get invited to speak at conferences and other events. Through talking to people, you will be able to spread the word about your business, get business on the spot, or obtain referrals. You can also leverage media  and get featured in newspapers, magazines, and television.

Craigslist: Craigslist is a great place to promote your products and services.  Go to the jobs section and find the appropriate section to post your ad


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Home Based Business Tip #7: List what tools you need for your business

At a bare minimum, to start your business you’re going to need the following business tools:

  • Reliable desktop or laptop
  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Website – WordPress, Squarespace or Wix.com
  • Domain purchase & website hosting
  • Social media business accounts
  • Email service provider like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Get Response,etc.
  • PayPal business account
  • Business email account
  • Webinar platform (if you plan on doing webinars)
  • Google Drive
  • Project management software like Asana
  • Zoom or Skype for client meetings
  • Smartphone

Some of the above business tools are free. Others have a monthly cost. At a minimum, to cover expenses associated with essential business tools, you will need to budget $150/month, not counting Facebook ad expenses and other one time business expenses.

Home Based Business Tip #8: Create Your Monthly Business Budget

[ctt template=”1″ link=”WaHcR” via=”no” ]Any successful business requires a certain level of investment. The minimum you need to invest in your business is $120 per month provided you already have the essential items like a desktop or laptop, your website domain, and Microsoft Office suite.[/ctt]

Your level of investment is going to depend on the type of business you decide to launch.

As a new home based business owner, do not go crazy purchasing every tool because they are useful for taking your business to the next level. Start out by getting the essentials you need to launch your business. Then, as you start making profit, you can upgrade existing tools and/or purchase new tools to enhance your business.


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Home Based Business Tip #9: If you have 8 to 5 job, create transition plan

If you’re currently working, it’s not a good idea to quit your job to start your home based business. Instead your business needs to be at a place where it’s generating steady income. At this point you are ready to transition out of your job. Decide how much savings you need before you quit your job. Estimate how long it will take you to achieve your savings goal. Then come up with a target date to submit your resignation letter. Every month monitor your expenses and your savings to see how close you are to your goals. [ctt template=”1″ link=”OdQnH” via=”no” ]Once you reach your savings goal, congratulations! You are ready to put in your 2 weeks notice to your employer and celebrate your new beginnings as CEO.[/ctt]

Home Based Business Tip #10: Work on your mindset

Starting a home based business is hard work. If you struggle with confidence and self-doubt, you don’t want that to hinder your success. The biggest barrier to moving forward in our businesses and achieving results is ourselves. Take time to document all your negative thoughts. Then spend an hour reviewing each thought. If it’s true, come up with an action plan to improve yourself. For example, if it’s true that you are not as productive as you could be, look at how you are spending your time, and make it a point to focus on income generating activities related to your business.

If your negative thoughts are false, write down affirmations which are opposite those thoughts and repeat them daily as the negative thoughts bombard your mind. Do this for 3 weeks and you will be amazed by your transformation!


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